Hello Internet World!

As my fellow 14 million occupationally challenged comrades know, you can only fill so many hours of your unemployed day with a job search.  Eventually you exhaust contacts, companies, even the horrible abyss that is craigslist, and you face the challenge of finding something else productive to fill your endless hours with.  Clearly I’m facing one such wall, and this time I’ve turned to WordPress.  I mean, talk about finding your market- there are 14 MILLION other people like me.  Well, maybe not exactly like me, but we’re all piled in the same over-crowded boat of unemployment.

My specific situation? Liberal arts educated, unemployed.  While I may not have found the industry or company that needs my particular skill set, luckily for all you blog readers, I know my way around a post.  This will be the chronicle of my search for gainful employment, complete with all the roadblocks, hurdles, and tips and tricks I discover along the way.


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