mind your manners

I didn’t have much time to post today because I was busy at an INTERVIEW! I also managed to pop over to career counseling at my alma matter for a refresher on some tips and tricks on entering the job world.  On that note, two important TIPS!

1. ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, send a thank you note.  Email, fax, snail mail, doesn’t matter.  Thank every person who interviewed you for their time, thank the receptionist if you have their contact info as well.  This note is not the same note you send to relatives thanking them for a gift- be gracious, but also follow up with any further questions you might have, and be sure to express again your enthusiasm for the company + position.  I really think some people are just too LAZY to do this, so why not give yourself an easy leg up in the game?

2. Take advantage of your career counseling department and office of alumni.  Not only will they revamp your resume and aid you in the cover letter writing process, oftentimes they have helpful contacts, and at the very least they may be able to provide you with a direct email at a company, rather than a generic hiring email.  When you’re looking to conduct informational interviews be sure to contact both departments with specific industries in mind, and they will be able to lead you to alums who are willing to speak with you.  REMEMBER, an informational interview is just that: informational. This is not a back door opportunity for you to ask for a job. Be well informed and gracious, and the contacts you make during this process will certainly help you decide on a direction, and may even lead to a job.

That’s it for today, fellow job seekers.  Keep on keepin’ on.


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