let it burn

Good morning, fellow commitment-phobes. Oh, you didn’t think this was a blog about a fear of commitment?  Well, today it is.  Actually, today’s topics are twofold.

1. Stop obsessing over missed opportunities and commit yourself to the present moment.

Let’s just take a moment and let Usher teach us a lesson: sometimes, you gotta let it burn. (*the original music video is MUCH racier than I recall so apologies for the annoying live version)  I find, as I go forward in earnest with my job search, that in the back of my mind are a series of missed deadlines and opportunities that I tend to weigh against present opportunities.  This seems to be a trend for me.

For instance, last week I spotted an amazing coat at a vintage vendor at an outdoor festival in my neighborhood in nyc.  I tried it on, loved it, didn’t love the price, and moved on.  Or so I thought.  That coat haunts my dreams.  I spent way too much time searching out its twin on Etsy and eBay, and actually found a few comparable pieces, with much more appealing price tags, but I have yet to buy.  Why can’t I commit?  That original coat has become so perfect in retrospect, so exact in detail, that I’ve made finding its replica near impossible.

Lesson to be gleaned from my obsession with fashion?  In order to be present and available to opportunities that come your way, you must actually BE present and ready to jump in with both feet.  Let the past go, and move forward.  Nothing will ever be as perfect as you’ve made it in memory, so gauge your present opportunities against reality.  It seems so simple, but to really let the past be the past takes some active effort.  Focus on the road ahead, and take each day as it comes.  Not to sound too new-agey, but there truly couldn’t be a better attitude with which to face the challenging world of job-searching.

2. The second lesson for today?  Make productive use of your talents.  I myself have suffered a few pitfalls in NOT following this advice.  I present to you exhibit A:

A mediocre piece of art, at best, this was certainly not the best use of my time or talents.  (If anyone can tell me how to rotate this image it would be much appreciated- the original image IS oriented in the correct direction) The positive here is that it does display some of my talents: patience, creativity, innovation, an attention to detail, an ability to follow through.  As far as displaying these to potential employers?  Not so useful.  Lesson to be learned?  Employ your talents while your unemployed.  Write a blog, volunteer, get a part-time job that relates to your field of interest.


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