am I funny?

Plenty of my fellow unemployed constantly reevaluate their skills, searching the annals of their lives for a missed accomplishment to bolster their resume, an overlooked skill to highlight in the next interview.  I myself have been doing the same, lately, and it’s not my meager sized list of “accomplishments” as a recent grad that irks me, but rather the skills I really *think* I possess, but can’t at this point reliably demonstrate to an employer through example.  So it seems like an important thing to do while unemployed is keep a list of things you are accomplishing in “the mean time”, as well as attempt to use these perhaps “lesser” (in demonstrated capacity) skills in ways that will allow you to cite examples.

So a skill of mine that I think is useful is that I’m funny (maybe? I hope!).  “Funny” might translate, in a way that’s more useful, to insightful, witty, etc.- point being, there are always a variety of ways to describe a particular skill that might be more useful for your desired career.
It’s often difficult to try to get the ball rolling on the various projects that might make you a more appealing job candidate, while also applying for jobs and networking, but look at your job search as your full time job.  You have eight hours a day to devote to this, you can do it!   Talk about great motivation for securing a job that will lead to a career- if you spend every hour you have working on finding that job and making yourself the best candidate, you won’t have a life.  Secure that job and you might!

As far as me improving my comedic skill (or lack thereof), well, you can be the judge of that.  The other day I absolutely ATE IT as I tried to step off the elliptical following a particularly show-off-y workout.  The best way to remedy embarrassment? Laugh about it.  Feel free to let me know if you’re laughing along with me…or at me. (LINK BELOW)

Just A Girl and Her Elliptical © Kristen Dillman 2011


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