why we should all be more like j-lo

This is the woman who rose to fame with “Selena”, inspired me to wear horrible hoop earrings throughout middle school, came out with a SUPREME album (one of the best of the 90s, in my opinion), suffered a small mistep also known as “Gigli-Ben-Affleck”, got engaged to Affleck, broke it off, married Marc Anthony, gave birth to twins, and is now recently divorced from Anthony.  You might think an international star, recently divorced, raising two children, might take a step back and lay low, but not this diva.  Have you SEEN the woman lately?  Don’t tell me you haven’t, she is ALL OVER.  Point being, this is what you need to be doing, people!  Unemployment is anything but pleasant, but, like J-Lo, you need to put any discontent aside and GET OUT THERE!

What have you done lately to better your chances of employment?  I’ll tell you what J-Lo has done: a Fiat ad campaign, a line of clothing and accessories for Kohls that, let me tell you, is anything but dowdy, ad campaigns for both GUCCI children and TOUS (who, I’ll have you know, have employed some of the biggest celebrities to rock their jewelry; she’s promoted Blackberry and she’s also filmed a commercial for a L’Oreal mascara.  Okay, so none of these things are directly related to her acting or singing career.  The important lesson here is, it doesn’t matter!  She’s keeping herself relevant and talked about, for all the right reasons.  She’s in everyone’s face in the best way.  You need to do the same!  

PUBLICIZE your unemployment!  I don’t mean beg for a job, I mean NETWORK.  Talk to your friends, former colleaguges, any connections, and let them know you’re in the market for a job.  This most likely will not directly result in a job offer, but spreading the word is never a bad thing!  In addition, like J-Lo, keep yourself relevant!  Work part-time, write, photograph, travel (well, maybe don’t travel), volunteer, blog, start a book-club- do something productive and WORTH TALKING ABOUT.  You never want to answer a potential employer’s inquiry of “So what have you been doing since (school, your last job, etc.)?” with “Not much!”

Lesson of the day?  Jenny from the block has done pretty well for herself by putting it all on the line, working hard and being aggressive, and so will you!


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