a bird…bush

What’s that saying? Honestly, who knows- but the MEANING is key: no matter what you think you have going for you, what job or interview or paycheck you have lined up, a SURE THING is different than a POSSIBILITY. 

So, the lesson here is to always keep your options open, never show all your cards.  Don’t leave a current job, or put in your two weeks notice, before you have a definite offer from your dream job.  Don’t withdraw applications before you’ve secured a position.  Keep playing the field, people!  Employers do it, so as a savvy prospective employee, it’s smart to do the same.

One of the complicated things about the job search process is that a job offer is hardly ever instant.  More than likely you will go through two, if not three, rounds of interviews.  In my experience this whole process can stretch out over three weeks.  Three weeks is a lot of time to let your job search lay fallow.  At the very least continue NETWORKING, keep the word out there that you’re seeking employment, talk about your interests with friends and former colleagues, reach out to former employers, professors, career counseling, the office of alumni relations at your alma matter.  It’s tempting to relax a little when you’re in the interview process, to hope for that job offer, and count on it, but the smart thing to do is act realistically.  Technically you’re still unemployed, or perhaps you’re employed but not in your ideal field or career, so keep sending out resumes, keep talking, and keep your eyes open for other opportunities, you might be grateful that you did in the future!


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