what to wear: an appendix

Don, over at “The Problem with Young People Today” had a great post today on how to dress.  It’s heavy on humor, but also pretty accurate for men.  Since I mostly obsess over the perfect skirt length for an interview, whether nylons are REALLY necessary, and the like, I thought I’d provide a little guidance for all my male readers out there.


Check it out! If nothing else, you’ll get a laugh out of it, and if unemployment is anything, it’s often sort of serious and somber.  Second tip for today?  Find something to laugh about!  Whether it’s the awkward phone interview where the line kept cutting out but you kept acting like the conversation was flowing smoothly, or the candidate who showed up way too early for their interview, leaving the two of you awkwardly staring each other down- there’s some fun to be found in every situation!


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