keep it together!

It’s getting harder and harder to pretend winter isn’t fast approaching- what with the noreaster this past Saturday and all.  Even though the sun is out in full force today, cold and flu season is upon us!  Any time you’re under additional stress, you’re more susceptible to catching a cold.  The last thing you want when you’re headed into an interview is to be pulling wadded tissue out of your nose or stifling a dry cough.  The best thing you can do to try to avoid getting run down and sick is to take a little time every day to take care of YOU! Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, take a hot shower, and try to RELAX!

Just a few suggestions to help ward off winter sickness (and tips for what to do if you do get sick):

Make a great soup!  It’s easy, requires very few ingredients, and can last for a few meals, especially if you freeze the remainder.  I just tried a great recipe I found on Whole Foods for Split Pea-Sweet Potato Soup.  Even though it tastes just like those horrible for you “cream-of-such-and-such” soups, it’s TOTALLY healthy, and packed with vegetables and protein!

Go for a walk! Head over to central park, down to the Hudson River, uptown to Riverside, take the ferry over to Williamsburg and stroll around.  Get OUT of the house and get some fresh air and sunshine.  Just make sure to bundle up!

Turn off all the lights when you go to bed!  The flicker of a muted TV, the glowing screen of a computer in the other room, the blinking of a cell phone charger- these are all small sources of light that really seem to add up to a fitful nights sleep.  Your bedroom should be dark, quiet, clean, and a comfortably cool temperature.  Avoid dragging your laptop into bed with you!  The bright screen and stimulation of the internet will add on to the time it takes you to fall asleep after you close the computer.  Don’t work against yourself, sleep is one of the best defenses against sickness!

So you lost the battle and you feel a cold coming on?  I always recommend herbal tea and zicam (or any generic zinc tablet) at the first sign of a cold.  It seems to cut down on my symptoms, and at the very least I feel proactive.  Juice some oranges, climb into bed at the earliest hour possible, and spend some energy trying to get better!

If all else fails, and your nose is STILL leaking like a fire hydrant on the day of that important interview, make SURE to use GOOD TISSUES!  I kid you not, people, use Puffs with Lotion, use whatever the most expensive box of paper for your mucus is your can find, and make sure it has LOTION in it.  With a little mucinex or afrin (to dry up your sinuses right before an interview so you’re not leaking), you can probably manage to look pretty presentable, but NOT if your nose is red and peeling from using rough tissues fifty times a day.

I hope some of my followers have ceased to read my blog (IE: are now EMPLOYED!). Good luck to everyone else as we head into the colder months- at least you won’t have to worry about being sweaty when you walk into an interview, right!?


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