let Rachel help you out

Rachel Bilson Style Expert for Piperlime – Style News – StyleWatch – People.com.

If you’ve started a new job and you’re struggling to decide how to dress appropriately without getting lost in a sea of grey, beige and blah, you could do worse than to look to the ever stylish Rachel Bilson for some fashion inspiration.

Rachel Zoe’s turn as a guest editor for Piper Lime has been publicized the world over- but it somehow slipped past me that Ms. Bilson has been working the same gig.  I tend to avoid Piper Lime if I’m really struggling to decide what look I want since their site is really full of pieces from all over the map, BUT, the guest editor picks really narrow it down for you!  Rachel Bilson pulls off sophisticated cool like no other, and what better look for a corporate casual work place than hers?

So ladies, head over to http://www.piperlime.com and check out Ms. Bilson’s picks for this season- you’re sure to leave with more than a few ideas of how to fill your Monday through Fridays!


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