subway crooner extraordinaire


A passerby captured subway crooner Damon Scott performing a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You” the other day at the 86th street station.  Apart from the simple and moving soulful rendition, Scott remarks at the end, with a smile, “Have a good day- and don’t let nobody ruin it for you.” I think we can all stand to learn a valuable lesson from Scott- one that we have to remind ourselves of from time to time: we are in charge of our own happiness, and the path our lives follow.  Whether it be in love, friendship, a career, or leisure- no one is responsible for your satisfaction except for you, so take charge and take care. 

I’ve been in my fair share of tedious jobs, enough to recognize the value of the genuine enjoyment Damon gets from performing.  He’s not filling Madison Square Park or making millions (although he does collect a good chunk of change from some generous passer-bys), but you can hear the smile in his voice.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again because it’s worth repeating: do what you love and love what you do- the money will follow.  So much emphasis is placed on the income generated by employment rather than the section of your soul it fills.  Not every job will be your dream job, the majority of them might be far from it, but if you’re progressing toward a career goal, it’s worth the struggle.  What I’m trying to say is, don’t let whatever it is that makes you tick lie stagnant: nurture your creativity, engage with the world.  If you need that extra push to get you moving, watch Damon Scott again and try not to smile.

Make moves, do you.


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