read a magazine!

10 Leaders and the Surprising Ways They Stay Productive |

There is plenty of great literature out there for job seekers- but sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to plow through three-hundred pages of advice.  What to do?  One option is Entrepreneur Magazine, which I’ve found to be a great resource as far as understanding the job market and tools to break into it.

Another is Inc. Magazine, which has been floating around my home for as long as I can remember- but it wasn’t until last week that I actually paged through an issue.  Articles are concise and straight-forward, and although aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals, it serves as great inspiration for job seekers everywhere.  This month’s issue highlights a great article which is actually online (thus FREE to all you non-subscribers!), “10 Leaders and the Surprising Ways They Stay Productive.”  I thought I’d highlight some of the advice these leaders offer that applies directly to the job hunt, and how to keep up your energy and productivity in the process:

1. Arianna Huffington: Get some sleep!  She advocates dropping your work when it strikes that bed-time hour and calling it a night- a rested day is a much more productive day.

2. Steven King: Above all else, be consistent! King writes 10 pages a day, weekend or holiday, which is a great rule of thumb for aspiring writers.  For everyone else out there, do something that is productive and beneficial every day, and BE CONSISTENT about it!

3. Richard  Branson: Work out! Branson advocates exercise as the number one tool to his productivity.  Get your blood pumping, get those endorphins flowing.  You’ll sleep better and feel more energetic, what could be better?

5. Ram Shriram: Keep a diary! Create a manual of what has worked and what hasn’t, Shriram suggests.  This diary will also serves as a record of your accomplishments- which is invaluable when it comes to crafting your cover letter or an interview.

Any other great magazines for job seekers out there?  Sometimes it helps to be able to tear out great articles, mark up a page, or just physically put an article in your “inspiration folder.”  Oh, you don’t keep one of those?  Start! Fill it with your dream job, dream life, dream home, dream vacation, dream relationships- everything that you want your life to be, and the way you can get there.  It can be a folder, a box, a shelf in your closet- I think it’s important to make what you want real, even if it doesn’t exist yet.  My dream job section is JAM packed, and I really think keeping an eye out for things to fill it with helps me pinpoint what it is exactly I want out of my career.  Maybe it could work for you!